Colin DeVilbiss wrote:
> On 3/22/07, W B Hacker wrote:
>> Is this installed on its own partition? And if so, how formatted?
>> And if not, is the underlying fs the OS X default hfs/hfs+, or is it
>> FAT or UFS?

> The OS is backed by just one disk, formatted with the OS X default,
> but I'm not sure I see how that's relevant to the MacFUSE case...

I don't expect that it is (relevant..)

But as all my OS X is on BSD-style partitions and UFS-only, thought I might ask
before trying it out, just in case that was a known-unworkable combo.

As is the case with, for example, Virtual PC for Mac, despite it 'living' in
container files.

Won't be 'real soon', as I have native Plan9 Fossil/Venti with Inferno on a
Core-D 2.8 GHz right next to the PowerBook, and would rather sort that one first.



>> Kris Maglione wrote:
>> > I'd be interested in the debugging output for files that actually work.
>> > Your initial debugging output shows an iounit of 0 on Ropen calls, and
>> > if that's accurate, finding out why would be of some use.

> 3 files attached:
> plumber gives accurate length, cat works as expected
> plumber gives accurate length, tail works as expected
> tail.screwy.txt: plumber hacked to return length of 1, tail gives
> output that is exactly the same as cat, except that the second char
> (the "l" in "plan9=/usr/local/plan9") is missing, as if it were
> "superseded" by the "p" from the length-1 read.
> Colin