Hi -

I've cast longing looks at Plan9 from afar for some time. Recently
purchased a CD/DVD burner and created a boot/install disc to play with,
but am trying to proceed cautiously before installing ...

While searching for info on how to get this to work with the grub
bootloader, I found this on a forum:

"As for installing it to a drive with other OSs and/or data. Do so with
caution and understanding. Much like BSD and solaris, it messes with the
drives partition table CHS/LBA values. Unlike some nux flavors that do
this, it seems to affect all partitions, not just its own."

Cd anyone comment on this or, even better, suggest a way to avoid this
happening if true? I am thinking of installing onto a Dell PIII laptop
with 6 other OSs currently on it. I wanted to put Plan 9 on the final
primary partition on the drive and continue to use Grub as a bootloader.

Also the "Installation instructions" on the wiki list four boot methods,
none of which seem to apply ... should I simply not run bootsetup, then?


Glenn Becker

Glenn Becker - burningc@sdf.lonestar.org
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