I have understood with adjustment of the basic types of plan 9 nodes
(atuth/cpu/file/term). I have understood a principle of work of simple
combination auth/cpu+file+term. I have read cpu(1) and other. But many
aspects of use for me remains foggy.
I am tormented with two basic questions of use of combinations of
multiple CPU servers.

First, the concrete example of use combination of several CPU servers
to the distributed calculations is interesting to me probably
impractical, but indicative. Briefly that to what to connect and what
effect to see. Unfortunately, could not find in Google...

Second interests as it is arranged 9gid (How it is arranged?). Whether
It is possible to ask to result a concrete small example grid without
advanced topics which I can repeat for comprehension in home
conditions? Unfortunately, on grid sites and in clauses about it there
is only a general theoretical information. I could not find more
concrete description. And I could not transfer this theory in
application to the my own copy of plan 9


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Phil Kulin