On Thu Feb 1 13:39:00 EST 2007, schors@gmail.com wrote:
> 2007/2/1, erik quanstrom :
> All has appeared simply. When I have read through precise answers, I
> have methodically looked all dependent files. /adm/keys* have
> permissions owned by user admin (installation process?). I removes and
> recreates that files as I find at file-server instruction.

these files need to be owned by the hostowner of the auth server.

> All works right now. And I at last have understood as it works.


> All equally has not understood. Whether it is possible to describe
> more in detail these two passwords (secstore key and password) and
> their value? Who for whom and when follows in the subsequent
> situations.

this confuses me a bit, too. the key is the user name and the key
is the password. the reason for this is secstore is written in very general
terms. in practice, the keys are generally user names.

- erik

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