Hi, all.

9pcf doesn't recognize the ethernet card of my Aspire 1300 (1304LC).

Plan 9
E820: 00000000 0009fc00 memory
E820: 0009fc00 000a0000 reserved
E820: 000e0000 00100000 reserved
E820: 00100000 0eff0000 memory
E820: 0eff0000 0effffc0 acpi reclaim
E820: 0effffc0 0f000000 acpi nvs
E820: fff80000 100000000 reserved
126 holes free
00018000 0009f000 552960
00319000 06185000 99008512
99561472 bytes free
cpu0: 1533MHz AuthenticAMD AMD-Athlon (cpuid: AX 0x0680 DX 0x183F9FF)
ELCR: 0C00
pcirouting: ignoring south bridge PCI.0.17.0 1106/8231
#y0: 2 slot Intel 82365SL: port 0x3E0 irq 5
vt6102: cls 16 < sizeof(Ds)
vt6102: port 0xE800 in use
#U/usb0: uhci: port 0x1200 irq 11
240M memory: 98M kernel data, 142M user, 543M swap
root is from (tcp, il, local)[local!#S/sdC0/fossil]:
user[none]: adriano

init: starting /bin/rc
dossrv: serving #s/dos

Commenting out the tests in ethervt6102.c, 9pcf logs:

#l0: vt6102: 100 Mbps port 0xE800 irq 11: 00c09f21ca8

but crashes on the first ethernet access.

Instead, 9pxeload works fine.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance.