> I have a cpu/auth/fs server and a terminal.
> The terminal is booting with the server as auth and fs.
> When booting the terminal:
> - I am asked for a user name.
> - 6 minutes waiting for the next prompt
> - factotum ask me about my username and password for the fs
> domain with proto p9sk1
> - I get a nice, working terminal
> A snoopy running on the server during those 6 minutes of waiting
> show some tcp traffic from the client to the server at the
> secstore port.
> My server is not a secstore server.
> How can I tell factotum not to connect to my (nonexistent)
> secstore server?
> I would like to do without a secstore server until I learn
> something about it .

If you are not running secstore, then a connect to that
port (5356) should just fail immediately. It sounds like something
else is silently dropping the tcp connect packets or not
letting the rejections come back.