There are many 9P servers coming with p9p. You can also write your
own servers either using p9p or lib{s,n}pfs.


On Dec 12, 2006, at 11:58 AM, csant wrote:

>>> Wow, does Ubuntu come with a 9p kernel module by default? That's
>>> sweet...

>> all part of the virtue of being in the mainline kernel. We probably
>> should be more diligent about backporting fixes to popular kernel
>> releases (such as dapper), but I doubt we have enough users yet to
>> justify distribution maintainers to pull them. Similar goes for
>> getting 9p servers in by default.

> The latter point is worth being addressed: currently it is all but
> straightforward to set up a proper 9p filesystem (with
> authentication), mainly due to the lack of a server. As long as
> there is no server readily available 9p will have trouble gaining
> any ground on Linux beyond Plan 9 users running also Linux. I
> therefore very much look forward to your planned efforts for next
> year to work on a server.
> /c