no, it's not a mistake. it's talent.

- erik

On Sun Dec 10 15:17:31 EST 2006, wrote:
> >>how about modern laptops, we have a ⅞ finished centrino driver which
> >>needs to be finished off, but what graphics chipset is common enough

> since i've got a modern laptop, i'm hoping to do an i3945 802.11abg (ok, bg) driver
> over christmas, in front of the fire, in between mulled wine and hot toddies.
> hmm... wireless and legless. it's not tuneless, because i've got a good set of CDs.
> the incomplete linux driver with binary blobs is only just over 16,000 lines, so how
> hard can it be? hmm. the free/open bsd driver is only 2800 lines.
> shome mishtake shurely.