in a similar vein, why does one need tcp to connect venti
server and client. i tried connecting fossil to venti via il!127.1!venti.
fossil started complaining that the venti server wasn't there in just
a few minutes.

the venti manual page says
A Venti server is accessed via an undocumented network pro-
tocol. [...]
but what are the requrirements on the network connection between
venti client and server? naïvely, one would guess the lack of flow
control could be the problem. but naïvely one would also guess that
the undocumented protocol, like 9p, is a ping-pong protocol that
doesn't need flow control.

what am i missing?

- erik

Lucio De Re writes

| > changed the line in plan9.ini to venti=/dev/sdC0/arenas tcp!*!17034
| > tcp!127.1!8000
| In plan9.ini, venti=tcp!127.1!17034 ought to be correct. Also, make
| sure you
| ip/ipconfig loopback /dev/null 127.1
| in /rc/bin/cpurc before initialising venti. I don't think you need to
| go to the same lengths as I did, but this is what I have at hand:
| if (~ $venti '') {
| loop=127.1
| ip/ipconfig loopback /dev/null $loop
| vhost=tcp!$loop
| venti=$vhost^!venti
| venti/venti -c venti.conf -B 1m -C 1m -h $vhost^!80 -I 1m -w -a $venti || {
| echo Venti startup failed: $status
| exit venti
| }
| }
| I can't vouch for plan9.ini, because I don't have access to the
| equipment that uses the above, so it may even be out of date.
| ++L