Sorry to interrupt the fascinating discussions about echo, but:

I am about to chuck out an old (circa 1997) IBM Thinkpad 380XD, but
before doing so thought it might be worth offering to anyone on the
list who might want to give it a good home - the reason being that it
runs native Plan 9 quite happily, and is a good machine for playing
with the system and working through Nemo's most excellent book,
although probably not the best machine for serious work. Screen size
is just over 12 inches, maximum resolution 800 x 600 x 24, which for
me is too small to use Acme comfortably (Sam is fine), but good for
learning. Processor speed 233MHz, memory 96MB, disk 4GB. Network card
has ceased to be. Yours for the extortionate price of postage from New
Zealand (probably around $100 NZ). If anyone is interested, email me
off list.

We apologise for this interruption to normal programming. Take it away Pietro!