I just updated the distrib of the octopus as
exported from lsub, to include o/mero and o/live
(the file system for omero and the viewer).

I made today a silly package to use it
standalone on Plan 9 (without the rest of
the octopus) only to discover that somehow
mounting via #s made omero go s l o o o w.

Thus, I wont bother to publish a stand alone
package for use on Plan 9 and will fix this
problem instead.

In any case, if anyone wanted to try it,
the version as distributed today has been
working for me and man pages are updated.

Once the octopus tar has been extracted
on inferno (mostly /dis/o files), running
o/mero is a matter of executing:

o/ports # event delivery
o/mero # the file system proper
mkdir /mnt/ui/s0 # create a screen
o/x # ~ to acme and sam language
o/live s0 # the viewer (at screen s0)

olive(1) is an introduction and is needed to
learn how to use our weird menus.

The next millenium, once this thing
runs fast enough,
I'll drop here a line to let others know.