On Mar 2, 2008, at 2:32 PM, Phil Kassner wrote:

> I've been using Plan 9 for one week now and have gotten FTP
> working. Installed Abaco and gotten that working, plus have Inferno
> installed
> but have more questions of course.
> 1) Is there a way one can write to a mounted filesystem?

You usually mount a filesystem to a folder in /n. Just use that
folder as you would do the rest of the filesystem.

> Just for example, if I wanted to put an executable in /bin ...how
> would that be done?

/bin is NOT a mounted directory. It is a bound directory. /bin would
be bound to four places:
- /$objtype/bin - system executables
- /rc/bin - system shell scripts
- $home/bin/$objtype - user executables
- $home/bin/rc - user shell scripts
You choose. See bind(1) for details.

> 2) To mount a cdrom I know I can start 9660srv...
> but how would I mount another HD? I did not see any other
> filesystem servers.

Depends on the filesystem. If it's fossil, see fossil(4). If it's FAT
on USB, use usbfat: The choices are endless, if you know how.

> Thanks
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