The wiki has the experiences of the users of plan9 under pc emulators, it is not a general emulator guide.

If you think it is outdated or it is not accurate, you can fix it, on the wiki itself are the instructions to edit its pages.



-- eris.discordia@gmail.com wrote:
>On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 10:58:46 -0000, Filipp Andronov
> wrote:
>> By the way, do you know some free virtual machine emulator (like
>> VMWare) for linux on what Plan9 could work?

>1. Yes. QEMU was developed for Linux, in the first place. The Windows
>binaries are only side effects ;-) QEMU's website:
>2. If I were you, I would not give in to the temptation of trying Plan 9
>on Xen.
>3. The Plan 9 wiki article on VMs is a little old. Parallels now has a
>Linux version. VMWare Player (VMWare's really free version), too.
>4. Here's a good list and comparison of virtualizers:
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