2008/2/4 Filipp Andronov :
> > Reading 9fans mail list archives you will notice C++ and the "object oriented model" is not > much appreciated, there are a lot of references (including great fortunes entries) about this > topic.

> Yeah, i have notice that, but from my point of view, there are very
> many software where object oriented model is perfect way. GUI toolkit
> for example, or file system. I didn't see Plan9 file systems sources
> yet, but linux VFS object oriented and some proprietary database vfs,
> that i have seen are also object oriented. In fact all this stuff was
> written in C, where you have pointers to functions in structures, but
> it would be much simple to develop it with full OO support.

If you want roman numerals, you know where to find them...

> > probably you could say plan9 is not "typical" in this aspect.

> I mean that when you get some operation system and then you are notice
> that it has no C++ (or even worse, C) environment the first filing is
> shock )

Inferno... and I hope the shock will send you all the way to the 9fans
archives rather than repeating the same path that has been trodden a
billion times before.

> To say the truth, when i've heard about Plan9 at first time, i have
> expect meetings with GCC and it was realy shock for me to see new C
> compile and no C++ support.
> Now i'm understand that it was stupid, but first feeling...No IDE for
> development, no C++ support, no GCC environment, no autotools...It is
> not bad at all, but it was suddenly

Some 20 years 'suddenly'...