C++ has not been included in Plan 9 since the third edition, but the
source code is available, and Steve Simon has made some updates.

Once you have abaco the way I said to get it, you also have Federico
Benavento's contrib system. With it, all you need is

contrib/install steve/cfront

Otherwise, get contrib with

/n/sources/contrib/fgb/root/rc/bin/contrib/install fgb/contrib

and then do the above. Then, to compile a C++ program:

c++/8c x.C # considering .C is the C++ extension
c++/8l -o x x.8

The one thing: don't use

using namespace std;

You will need


which does that for you.

On Feb 1, 2008, at 11:43 PM, Michael Andronov wrote:

> Another question from newbie :
> I have noticed some discussion(s) on Internet about C++ language
> for Plan9;
> I'm wondering what is a bottom line of the story:
> - is there a C++ compiler? Any plans for it?
> - has it been 'banned' from Plan9?
> - has gcc been ported to Plan9? ( as was suggested in one of the
> messages I saw)...
> Thank for your attention.
> Michael.