On Jan 8, 2008, at 6:44 PM, Enrico Weigelt wrote
> Evrything that can store mail-like messages.

isn't that just mail messages? you can transform whatever you need to
look like a mail message, but i don't think thats the way to go. . .
it is like make everything to look like a webpage, that way you only
need a browser :?

> Ugh, that's a *big* blocker for me. I *need* to write into
> certain boxes.

i would love upasfs to be able to move/copy messages between mailboxes
and the like, i don't see the advantage of creating new mails with it

> I just want to make some clean concepts, and then let's see if
> mailfs is enough or could be easily extendet.
> But my feeling is: mailfs won't be enough - I need much more
> functionality.
> Remember: mailfs-ng should handle all the mail storage for commonly
> used MUAs (eg. Mozilla or Mutt) - the individual MUA should do
> nothing more than just operating within mailfs-ng.

and how do you plan to make mozilla or mutt talk to that fs server?
wouldn't be easier to use imap? unless you wrote a new client or
modify heavily an existing one i can't see a transparent integration :?