> >> just escaped AOL. If you actually do some coding, r
> >> emember that it's "if (!foo)", not "if.......(!!!!!!!!foo)".

> >
> > Yeah, but if you've got an odd number of bangs
> > (add one to what you've put), it'll give the
> > same result.:-) Great for the obfuscated C
> > contest.

> Yeah, I was thinking of that as I wrote it, which is why
> I threw in all the periods so some smart-alec like you
> wouldn't call me on it ☺ Mmmm, obfuscation.

After I sent the message I did notice the periods.
I was just so amused by the 21 (well 8) gun salute
that the smart-alec in me took over and I didn't
pay attention to them. Anyway, your point was