You may have missed my initial repy to you your message. So, just in case,
here it is again:

As of three days ago, my rickety old Dell Latitude is running NetBSD and
Plan9 in dual mode. (Although at heart I'm a FreeBSD guy, I find that the
NetBSD installer also doubles as a nifty partition manager.)

But also i would be really happy if anyone could answer my other
questions....Because i dont want to make a mess of the installation in
a dual mode....So if any one ever tried Plan 9 in a dual mode....Plz
provide me some info on it....whether can i use it along with any BSD
version or Minix 3.......i.e ....I would love to have Plan 9 with
Minix 3 .....or Plan 9 with BSD.... Any valuable suggestion
plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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