I just wanted to thank everyone for the recommendations for fanless
motherboards. I will have a great new year investigating these.

Here's the summary:

This looks fab (and Geoff recomends it). I'm undecided
between this one and the ALIX.

This looks great and appears to be readily available to
consumers (in the UK for example:
http://linitx.com/viewcategory.php?catid=180 ).

Due to shipping from Israel, this is a bit pricey. See also
http://www.fit-pc.com/ , which is Compulab selling the
http://www.compulab.co.il/iglx/html/...-datasheet.htm to

VIA MS10000E
It was the VIAs that got me onto the fanless bandwagon in the
first place. But I have now had a string of bad experiences
(the DMA issue with the 5000, poor video and audio on a M9000,
but I do have one M10000 with a fan, that appears to be
alright). If I read the news correctly, VIA are getting out
of the board market and are concentrating on the chipsets

I also stumbled into the world of the PC/104 form factor (e.g.,
http://www.wordsworth.co.uk/ ), which looks very intriguing. But the
options are endless, and that makes deciding a bit hard.


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