> > On Dec 14, 2007 12:41 AM, Francisco J Ballesteros
> wrote:
> > > We asked the 9fan we know at Greece and it seems that perhaps
> > > october in greece is an option, should we want to have it

> hosted there.
> We are talking about volos:
> http://www.greeka.com/thessaly/pelion/greece-volos.htm

Ya Sas!

But Thessaly In October!? Oxi. It might be from just the heat, or
from the wildfires, but we'll all be sweaty.

> > What organization is there to handle arrangements? This kind of

> thing
> > is a lot of work. Is there a hotel that can support us?

> A University. And we (as in nemo, quique and me) would help with
> the organization.

Maybe I could help with the organization; I spend some time on Paros
(in the Kyklades), and I and my friends there would donate meeting
space in buildings they own and/or have access to on the island. They
run The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, an american school that's
been on Paros for 40 years or so.

The same folks are well in with the local hotels (& `hostels',
Lyndon), and could *probably* get the group a student rate or similar
as well. Either way, the conference facilities should be no problem,
and I'm chatting with my friends now to double-check that.

Now, all that said, I'd still rather have it in Ron's favored Sonoma.
We pounded on OTEnet for 4 months last year -- we finally had a 2Mbps
downlink by the time we left Paros. Even Thessaly offers stronger