> The venti would be used for the fossil boot partition, so needs to
> be there at startup. fs(3) suggests sticking the config on a floppy
> (!). This seems like not the most reliable option. Where are others
> sticking their fs(3) configs for boot?

The wiki page for mirroring under venti and fossil:
Suggests storing the fs config in an 'fscfg' parition on the local
(hard) disk, similar to the conf headers for venti or fossil themselves.

> Once there's an fsconfig var, how does the rest of the
> startup go?
> I don't see it pulling that in anywhere. This needs to be well before
> cpurc, right? Will this require a custom boot?

And then one can set 'fsonfig=' in plan9.ini to the partition created
above to start devfs with it at boot.

The rest of your questions I'm experimenting with myself & am very
interested in the experience of others and yours; I do know Russ Cox
has some informative comments about venti and fossil caching (in
memory) at the end of the venti-rescue paper. The big hint for a
single-machine fossil+venti, I thought, is that fossil caches venti
blocks, too.