i have had some success with the 7200gs. i have been
able to get 1280x1024x32 working by setting the crt[0x17]
register. however the monitor settings that did work for
a pci card don't seem to work with this card. 1600x1200x32 doesn't
work. the display is shifted to the right ½ screen with the
same monitor settings i used before. changing the monitor to
multisync110 does result in a mostly correct 1280x1024x32 screen.

in investigating the monitor problem, i noticed that the
output of xvidtune doesn't seem to match the standard
entries in vgadb. xvidtune outputs
hdisplay, hsyncstart, hsyncend, htotal
vdisplay, vsyncstart, vsyncend, vtotal.
but vgadb wants
hdisplay, hblankstart, hblankend, htotal
vdisplay, vblankstart, vblankend, vtotal.
hsyncstart & and are optional. i guess i'm being dense
here. how do i convert between xvidtune output and

- erik