Apparently I was too hasty with my last release, and I broke modifier key
support for mouse chording, so I have made yet another bug-fix release.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully, this release does all of the

Supports Unicode input via IME.
Properly handles special keys like Esc, PgUp/Down, Home/End, etc.
Supports modifier keys for simulating buttons 2 and 3 including mouse
chords 1->2, 1->3, and 3->2.

I tested it on my machine, and it seems to work find, but I would greatly
appreciate more testing under other keyboard and mouse configurations.


Version 0.26 -- 2007/11/10
Updated to SCN revision 131.
Added coriolan's patch to fix new window mouse positioning and focus.
Fixed regression where cut and paste using modifier keys was broken.