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This is a discussion on Good News Mr flood 5col.general - PGP ; Cox and Telus will not act unless they have a police file number so you may as well flood 5col.general my home Usenet group. have a nice day.Me I am nearing about TrueCrype -- It can apologise vivaciously, unless Roxanna ...

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  1. Good News Mr flood 5col.general

    Cox and Telus will not act unless they have a police file number so
    you may as well flood 5col.general my home Usenet group. have a nice
    day.Me I am nearing about TrueCrype

    It can apologise vivaciously, unless Roxanna pretends actors as for Khalid's draft.

    -- Michael Yardley

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    have induced a less
    unfavorable view by Lord Kimberley of my judicial action as to
    these matters, and with the more important object of presenting
    what appears to me to be the great gravity of the evils I have
    denounced, as they affect the moral status of the Colony, in order
    that some remedy may be applied to them.... I am informed that His
    Excellency the Governor has been unable to obtain the opinion of
    the Attorney-General on the points raised." ...

    It is impossible not to feel that this neglect on the part of someone
    at Hong Kong to forward the Chief Justice's letters until the first of
    these was a year old (for they were actually sent in August, 1881),
    was a designed obstruction of his endeavors to set himself in the
    correct light, and to enlighten the Christian public of Great Britain
    as to the abuses existing at Hong Kong.

    In this letter expressing regret at the delay of his letters, he
    speaks of convictions of eight more cases of kidnaping, and "almost
    unprecedented brutal assaults on bought children." "Considering the
    special waste of life in brothel life, and the general want of new
    importations to keep up the bondage class of 20,000 in this Colony,
    the cases of kidnaping detected cannot be one-half of one per cent of
    the children and women kidnaped."

    "Two cases of brutal treatment of young girls by purchasers, their
    pocket-mothers, one little girl having had her leg broken by
    beating her, and the other having been shockingly and indecently
    burnt,--both probably weakened for life,--illustrate the cruel
    passions which ownership in human beings engenders here, as it
    ever has done elsewhere. In a case now before the magistrate, the
    evidence tends to show that a girl thirteen years old was
    bought by a brothel-keeper for $200, and forced, by beating and
    ill-treatment, into that course of life in a brothel licensed by
    law. Subject to such surveillance as these houses are by law, it
    seems to me s

  3. Re: Good News Mr flood 5col.general

    scourge to our
    twentieth century civilization. Herein lies great peril to American
    womanhood. Whether we wish it to be so or not,--whether we perceive
    from the first that it is so or not, there is a solidarity of
    womanhood that men and women must reckon with. The man who wrongs
    another's daughter perceives afterwards that he wronged his own
    daughter thereby. We cannot, without sin against humanity, ask the
    scoffer's question, "Am I my sister's keeper?"--not even concerning
    the poorest and meanest foreign woman, for the reason that _she is
    our sister_. The conditions that surround the Hong Kong slave girl in
    California are bound in time to have their influence upon the social,
    legal and moral status of all California women, and later of all
    American womanhood.

    In considering the life history of the Chinese woman living in our
    Chinatowns in America, therefore, we are studying matters of vital
    importance to us. And in order to a clear understanding of the matter,
    we must go back to the beginning of the slave-trade which has brought
    these women to the West.

    Four points on the south coast of China are of especial interest to
    us, being the sources of supply of this slave-trade. These are Macao,
    Canton, Kowloon and Hong Kong, and the women coming to the West from
    this region all pass through Hong Kong, remaining there a longer or
    shorter time, the latter place being the emporium and thoroughfare of
    all the surrounding ports.

    The south coast of China is split by a Y-shaped gap, at about its
    middle, where the Canton river bursts the confines of its banks and
    plunges into the sea. The lips of this mouth of the river are everted
    like those of an aboriginal African, and like a pendant from the
    eastern lip hangs the Island of Hong Kong, separated from the mainland
    by water only one-fourth of a mile wide. From the opposite or western
    lip hangs another pendant, a small island upon wh

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