European Students' Forum -- AEGEE Iasi presents the upcoming event
"Living in the digital world" - the impact of IT&C on human rights.

The international seminar "Living in the Digital World" will provide a
varied and exciting theme, one which encapsulates how information and
communications technologies (ICTs) are impacting and shaping our

It is a international event which combines classroom study with on-site

learning to explore technological, cultural, and economic
transformation in the newly integrated Europe... and not only.

Date: from 12 to 18 of may 2006 ( 7 days )
Place: Iasi ( Romania )
Age of participants: students or young people < 28 years old
Participation fee ; only 75 Euros / 65 Euros (NON-EU Countries) !!!

The fee covers ;

- seminars and workshops
- study visits in Iasi (Informatics Faculty and Automatics Control and
Computer Engineering Faculty)
- accommodation in youth hostel in Iasi
- meals during all the week - light breakfast and lunch
- sightseeing: city tour and Cetatuia Monastery
- vinetasting

So, are you interested in discovering a new dimension of cultural
understanding, focusing on human rights and liberties but from a
point of view?
Let's try to understand together the social challenges and
that derive from the rapid progress of technologies, adapted to
regional, national and local conditions.
Let's dream that we follow closely an ambitious goal: to ensure that
new developments in technology provide us with a real chance to turn
risk of a digital divide into "digital cohesion" and "digital

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on behalf of AEGEE Iasi Team