I am realising that it's high time I started using PGP consistently on
my laptop. However, pgp hast just "let me down" during my holiday when
I needed it most, i.e. for wiping the disk after processing some
sensitive files. The error I got is :

"Wiping could not be completed sucessfully. an error was found in a
file or directory's cluster chain. Run scandisk first and try again".

I ran scandisk (or the equivalent in XP), defragmented the drive,
removed internal network protection etc. but it didn't help. I suspect
the reason may be that I now have upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition
and my version of PGP is Version 6.0.2i. What is funny though is that
all other ecrypting and PGP disk features work (or seem to work)
smoothly, especially PGPdisk which is what interests me most.

I don't mind updating to later editions and paying two licenses (one
for the desktop and one for the laptop, I've lost track of my previous
license number) because I thing it's worth it. But if there were a
quick and obvious fix for the above problem I would be grateful for
learning about it.