I have Eudora v5.1.1 with the PGPfreeware v6.5.8 plug-in
installed. OS is Win98SE

This works fine for encryption using the PGP 'Encrypt and
Sign' option with either 'Current Window' or 'Clipboard'
selected but when it comes to decrypting incoming messages
any attempt to decrypt in 'Current Window' results in an
error message 'Found no PGP information in the clipboard'
[Clipboard is of course not the selection so I'm at a loss
to understand why this message is appearing]. If I do copy
the PGP encrypted text to the clipboard however and then
select the 'Clipboard' option in PGP I am able to retrieve
the original plaintext message.

Is this a known bug? If there is a 'fix' I'd be grateful if
someone would point me to it. It's not an install problem as
I heve the same set-up on three machines - all with the same

David Hamer