So people, let me get this right...

PGP scrambles my passphrase in an "md5 hash of 2048bits(for example)"
like way to produce something... that something is my publick key? or is
it my private key? or is it the IDEA key? and what is that IDEA key???

please correct me where i am wrong... or direct me to some good reading
about how pgp works... i read some faqs but couldnt figure it out...

so, my thoughts are these:

-if pgp uses my passphrase to generate this "something" and every time i
type my passphrase it checks wether this "something" corresponds(could
have been generated by) to the passphrase, maby i can find a way to
check this myself using a tool that can use a dictionary or a mask attack...

-i could also find a tool (and i really need your help in this)that
actually tries passphrases contained in a dictionary directly in the PGP
passphrase prompt.

since i remember most of my passphrase i can actually use a mask attack
or generate a dictionary that would be, as i calculated, less than 100GB