Encrypt or compress 100 terabits down to 1 bit of information "unbreakable"
First let me set my self clear i called the SRI and sent e-mails
and call tufts university they told me never to call back because
I told them I could make a computer of quantium type run at hyperspace
this will turn a 45tflops into 1440tflops: Warning
what you about to read could be classified if it is E-mail me @
betalimit@yahoo.com and i will take it down.

Take a document then or a 3D matrix document change it two radom or
binary code or just a program for 0's and 1's and fold it over and
over like a piece of paper then having the 1 and 0 add each other or
the 0,1's canceling each other out 1+0=0 and 0+1=1 1+1=1 0+0=0 if you
gave the folds adresses like on a spread sheet there would be no math.
First A 1-24 would fold to k 1-24 down.(See Example A ) Then at
F1-24 down two k 1-24 ( See example B ) If you written a very long
letter and then change it two binary code it would look like this.
f.10010101010100101010101 First A 24 would fold to k 24 down
g.01010101010100001100101 See Example A

See Example A
h.01001010101010101010111 Then at F1-24 down two k 1-24

See example B
j.01010101010101010101010 Then from I 1-24 to K 1-24

j.01010101010101010101010 Then from j-24 to j-1

j.010101010101 Then from j-12 to j-1

j.010101 Then from j-6 to j1

j.010 Then from j-3 to j1

j.01 Then from j-2 to j1

j.0 Then you would have
1 bit to transfer over the
The bit sent would be 0 and the key code would be F1-24,k 1-24,
I 1-24,K 1-24,j24,j1,j12,j1,j6,j1,j3,j1,j2,j1 and uzip or new
encryption you could encrypt or compress 100 terabits down to 1 bit of
information. Now if you take this idea from my web site you could make
this allot more complex and unbreakable. Data encryption 360 degrees
rotation document 90 degrees and encrypt on every angel then 45
degrees change it two binary code do it again and again and fold it
over like a piece of paper then having the one's and zero cancel each
other out. In theory you could send a 100 terabit program to someone's
computer and have it unzip and run and install or make
A computer processer like the new 64 bit AMD have the bit unzip into a
large ram drive and buffer use one half of the 64 bit processer decode
the message and the main 64 bit run the numbers. Another way of doing
this is to have a parllel computers with using one of the processers
run the compressed 1 bit of information give the uncompressed a
address on the ram drive to change and not even go threw the processer
and then with diffrent information on each machine compare and run
statistics on iformation on a 45 tflops supercomputer and turn that 45
tflops computer into a 1 bit = 100,000 terabits to infinite as long as
you have the ram for storage! with my calculations 45 tflops wouldn't
matter any more it would be how much data you have on a 32bit
operating system changeing that to a 1 bit system it would be 32 *
45tflops would = 1440 tflops With this technology and someone with
advaced quantum knowledge and understaning of the matrix gride and how
to place and hook up nano lcd's in our eye lids hooked to a computer
of virtual reality and quantum computer of space time, could build a
virtual way to quantium leap and time travel and form a dimension or
dimension's that could move threw space time and never be detected and
turn on every light switch in the world on. or off and reverse or
forward time. By Mixing the moves the universal soldiers, Matrix, The
lawn mower man, The 6th day, The one, and using the metaphysical body
and have an advanced cognitive laboratory. the could do all this. With
out a quantium chip that could detect space time movement or
quantum relocation we may all be at our labs and hook to a computer
an also be somewhere else. Watch these movies in this order. The lawn
mower man, The Matrix, The 6th day, Universal soldiers, and the movie,
The One and what would you have. Use this program to encrypt 32
dimension and someone could build a moving encrypted moving laboratory
that could never be found. Top this all of with the "Theroy of
everthing" and my web page a one might controll the whole world. A
kinda New, New world order!!! The matrix is a grid in the eyes that
locates your long and lat along with your quantum location. Please
people back in 1999 do not use my inventions to torcher me!
All this and more was invented from 1999-2004 the rest i would tell
you but you wouldn't beleive me. I could control my mind conscious or
have any knowledge metaphysically. The have every point covered every
way in but No way out really advanced like quantum cloneing. They
will find every system invented with time travel the know everthing we
are going to do until the end of time and back again!!