Bytefusion Ltd. have released Crypto Anywhere OpenPGP Edition. Crypto
Anywhere is a new, free OpenPGP solution for Microsoft Windows. Crypto
Anywhere features:

* Strong encryption
* Small, fast and portable
* Supports public key encryption and password based encryption
* Recipients don't need Crypto Anywhere to read self decrypting mail
* New : OpenPGP support, compatible with PGP (TM) 8.0
* New : Themes support for application skins
* New : Direct deposit delivery keeps your ISP from logging your mail
* New : Auto-creates a travel floppy for use in internet cafés


Crypto Anywhere is secure email on the move! Crypto Anywhere is small
enough to fit on a single floppy or USB key chain drive and is very
easy to use. Don't have a computer yourself but want to protect your
web based e-mail at your local internet cafe? Crypto Anywhere is for
you! If you suspect your employer is reading your private email, put
an end to that. If you run Crypto Anywhere from a floppy disk or USB
drive, you can encrypt your email without even installing software on
your workstation. With Crypto Anywhere you can send and receive secure
mail to and from anyone with an email account - the recipients do not
have to be "crypto savvy" or even have Crypto Anywhere themselves.

Crypto Anywhere implements trusted, industry standard, strong
encryption algorithms based on RSA public key encryption, the Twofish
block cipher and the ISAAC random number generator. Crypto Anywhere
e-mail is compatible with SecExMail based encryption. Version 2.0 and
later of Crypto Anywhere support OpenPGP encryption and provide
compatibility with PGP Corporation's PGP (TM) product.