SSL-Forum, is setup on the 3rd of March 2004.
It is a virtual community that acts as a forum and discussion board
for beginners and advanced user to discuss and exchange views on SSL,
VPN, load balancing and web security.

The explosive growth of the Internet in the late 1990s probably would
not have been possible without a protocol like SSL By now, we all know
that the Internet World now cannot live without various form of web
broswers from different OS and mobile devices. But how do we secure
our sessions using Transport Layer Security is commonly known as SSL,
Secure Sockets Layer, this forum focus on topics and development of
security technologies related to SSL,SSL-Forum!

Registration is free for those who wish to participate in the
discussion. The first 100 member who register and post at least 3
posts will immediately elevated to Founding Member status. So please
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