Hello everyone,

I've run into a PGP batch decrypt issue and am wondering if anyone else has
ever seen this problem.

Using PGP command line software from Network Associates, I can manually
decrypt a file that one of our clients is sending us. For example:

C:\pgptemp\>pgp sasc3009.dat.pgp

....results in a decrypted file named "sasc3009.dat" being created.

I tried automating this process using a batch script that contains the
following line:

pgp c:\pgptemp\sasc3009.dat.pgp +force >c:\pgp.log

The decryption fails with the following text in the "pgp.log" file:

File is encrypted. Secret key is required to read it.
You do not have the secret key needed to decrypt this file.

When I decrypt the file manually, I sign on as Administrator to the the NT
4.0 Server on which this process runs. The NT service that triggers this
batch file also runs under the same account. At this point I'm at a loss to
explain why the process runs manually...but fails in batch.

Any ideas?