NSDPGP3.DLL is a COM Wrapper to PGP version 8.

The NSDPGP3.DLL component has 37 methods. These allow KeyID and
UserID lookup, the listing of all valid keys on the keyrings,
File/String analysis, File/String conventional encryption and
decryption, File/String public key encryption, decryption, signing
and verification, File wiping, key pair generation, key deletion,
revocation, enabling and disabling, and key import and export
from/to File/String/KeyServer.

NSDPGP3X.DLL is a COM Wrapper to the Self Decrypting Archive (SDA)
functions of PGP version 8. Its single method allows creation of a
PGP SDA file.

These COM Objects are designed to be used from ASP, Visual Basic,
the Windows Scripting Host, MS Office VBA, Java, Delphi, Visual C++

Using the CSCRIPT.EXE from WSH and a .JS or .VBS script, it is
simple to invoke PGP functions from the command line to encrypt,
decrypt, create SDAs etc.

All are "freeware" and may be used and copied, without fee or
obligation, for private or commercial use.


Gerard R Thomas
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago