Suppose I need to generate a keypair for nym posts,
invisiblog, etc, but I will not want anyone to be able to
prove that I am the owner. (for example by getting my
usual keyring and listing the contents.)

I am thinking of keeping the ``controversial'' secret key
on a special keyring encrypted (symmetrically or to my
normal key?) on a floppy. When I want to use it, I mount
the floppy, edit the document, decrypt the keyring file
and use gpg --secret-keyring /mnt/floppy/... to sign the
document. When I've sent it, I encrypt the file and the
keyring, wipe the unencrypted files (using srm on Unix)
and umount the floppy.

Comments, suggestions?

How I get gpg --gen-key to create the new key on the
``extra'' keyring only?