Op Sun, 22 Jun 2003 10:05:23 -0400 schreef "vedaal"

>"Dave" wrote in message
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>> I recently ran a system scrubber utility (which will remain unnamed until

>> give their support a chance to resolve my problem). After running the
>> utility I found that all my PGP 8.0 Disks larger than 2GB were rejecting

>> password. A closer examination of the disks with PGP Disk Editor reveals
>> that the "user and kind" information for all the large disks is missing.
>> When I try to use the Add button I get a message "PGP add user failed
>> because 'Item not found'." Is it possible to restore this info to my disks
>> so they can be opened? Or am I screwed? Where is this info stored? Is it
>> embedded in the PGP file itself? All my smaller disks work fine.Any newly
>> created large disks work until the scrubber utlity is run.

>when you check the .pgd file of the problem pgpdisk in windows explorer, is
>the file size still greater than 2gig?
>if so,
>try making a new blank partition greater than the size of the pgpdisk,
>move the pgpdisk into that partition,
>and try re-opening the disk,
>(have not tried this with the scrubber you talk about, and do not know if it
>will work)
>to further try to locate the problem,
>sign the .pgd file before running the scrubber,
>and see if it verifies after running it,
>and also make a registry backup before running the scrubber
>if the file verifies after running the scrubber,
>then it should somehow still be openable
>see what was changed from the registry backup, and try to restore it
>good luck

Yes, I have the EXACT same problem here,
Please tell me Dave, did you resolve the problem?
Did the suggestion of vedaal work?

I also cant open my pgpdisk file anymore, also after I did a 'scrub '.
disc user & kind info also missing.

help help!!