I tryed PGP and to me it has to many problems..So I went and got Crypto
X..that way I don't have all the problems...
"atoxic" wrote in message
> When Im try to generate my public and private key, I always get a

> Error Message. I tried already all different variations of parameters

> can be entered in the Masks befor without success.
> Does anybody know whats the reason of that failure or how I could activate
> an errorlog.
> In addition when I first installed PGP Freeware it asked me several
> questions, where I kept the default settings. Maybe I did something wrong,
> when I installed the Software. When I reinstall the Software it never asks
> me these questions again.
> Win 2000
> PGP Freeware 6.5.8ckt-Build08
> Thanks in advance, Franz