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I am using PGP Universal Server 2.6.3 and am getting the following
error when trying to add a certificate in network settings (Home >
Network Settings > Certificates)

Certificate Import Failed
The certificate could not be imported. The certificate does not match
the key

To generate a certificate I did the following steps:

1) Go to (Home > Network Settings > Certificates)
2) Add Certificate...
3) Fill in details
4) Generate CSR
5) Send CSR to VeriSign
6) VeriSign sends back Secure Server Certificate
7) I click on the + by the hostname created in 3
8) Paste in certificate from VeriSign
9) Press Save
10) Get error message

Could some one please point me in the direction of what is going wrong
and how I can solve this problem?

Just to confirm I have checked Certificate Import Failed on PGP
Universal Server on the Knowledge Base and it does not cover my

Kind Regards