I just moved my Palm Desktop (v4.1.4) over to a new computer. I also
installed the HotSynch Manager onto the new computer as well. (My new
computer runs Win XP Pro. I am running Hot SYnch Manager 6.0.1. And I have
a Palm One Tungsten E2.)

When I now push the Synch button, I get a message in the tray that says:
"USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB Devices attached to this
computer has malfunctioned, and WIndows does not recognize it". (It also
lists a little "tree diagram" with USB Root Hub and below that Unknow Device
and USB Composite Device.

Any idea what is causing this and what it will take to find a solution?

(As you may be aware, Palm Support wants to Charge $$ me to answer simply

Thanks for your help!