I am wondering if it is safe to get an Apple MacBook Pro for a client
who uses a Palm Treo 680 with English and Chinese datas (with CJKOS --
http://www.dyts.com/en/cjkos.html ). Currently, he uses his Windows
2000 SP4 on his old Dell Optiplex PC and Hotsync (via USB) his datas.
It has MS IME and TwinBridge to read and write Chinese characters.

Is he going to have any problems if he were to buy a new MacBook Pro
with the latest Mac OS X? I read that he will need a third party
softwares (Missing Sync for Palm v6.0 --
http://www.markspace.com/missingsync_palmos.php [not free] and Palm
Encoding Setup -- http://lokiware.info/Palm-Encoding-Setup ). I was
told that using Palm Desktop is messy and complex. Also, is it safe to
mix both PC and Mac to share Palm datas? All these third parties and
fancy setups seems complex for a guy who doesn't know computers well.

Thank you in advance.
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