Anyone tried any of the bluetooth cassette adapters with a Treo? I
never knew these existed until today!

I am still trying to find a good solution for both pocket-tunes mp3
playback and hands-free phone operation. I use a wired cassette
adapter for music - but, with that plugged in, the Treo will not se
bluetooth to answer a call. If I answer the phone with the cassette
adapter plugged in, the call will come in through my car speakers -
but I have to use the phone's microphone for my voice - which means
keeping the phone near my mouth, or yelling ...

So I found a couple of bluetooth cassette adapters - some with no info
- some saying they use A2DP so I would need the Softick Audio
Gateway ... but, at first, I would still be able to use my bluetooth
speakerphone for the calls - but, now I think not - and on some of
these devices, there is a microphone in the cassette adapter - but the
cassette drive motor would probably interfere with microphone
pickup ...

Seems like it is ALMOST a good idea ...