i'm looking to collect all of them. and these are all I need, if you do have them, can u either attach or send them as an attachment to my email addr. YES I asked astraware - got some, but they won't go back into the tape archives to get these versions and I tried searching the net. Please no patched/cracked versions.

"1.13 May 9, 2002

* Fixed 'No Six Letter' problem! Thanks to Danny Epstein for the help
* Change to code system to reduce cheating.

1.10 Apr 12, 2002

* Added support for new machines (m125, m130, m515, Treo 180, Clie T415, T615, NR70/V)
* Support for entering letters via an external or built-in keyboard!
* Updated graphics routines - speed increases under some circumstances
* Updated dictionary to match the new GameHouse word set

1.05 Mar 5, 2002

* Fix for a bug which prevented leaving the game and returning
* Support for keyboard added! Now you can enter the letters by keyboard!

1.02 Feb 20, 2002

* Revised with new library routines to have better support for latest devices.
* Fixed bug that sometimes caused a puzzle without a six letter word to be displayed"

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