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>> I guess that you're somehow locked into Exchange Server - but if you're
>> not, the MacOS apps are capable and simple enough to be dependable.

> Nah - I'm not locked into Exchange. I simply prefer the power-user
> features of Entourage enough to have it be my default email client. And
> since it's my email client, it's also my calendar and address book. It's
> only natural for me to want my Palm to sync with Entourage in this case.

Well, the nice thing about using Address Book, iCal, and Mail (if you're a
Mac user) is that that's where the system expects to find this data - and
it'll be there where Apple Development puts in their effort to deposit it and
keep it safe.

Data detectors have made a comeback - and they deposit their data in iCal and
Address Book. Both apps have very simple backup paradigms - backup and
restore to a flat file. Simple to backup, simple to restore in case some
nefarious sync goes bad and duplicates or deletes all your data.

Mail and Address Book have their claws in Time Machine - and I wouldn't be
surprised to see iCal showing up next.

iSync syncs my address book and calendar data into my Nokia Symbian phone,
and Missing Sync into my PalmTX, and both sync not only data but the photos
in my address book. (So it's not just the Apple Developers).

Of course, didn't I once hear something about an Entourage conduit? If so,
maybe you can just cross-sync across apps and have the best of both worlds.