Hi, I'm useing palm desktop version 4.1.4 currently and have come
across a rather unique error if I say so myself. The other day, I went
to go enter in a new event on the calender for a certain time period.
All was going well until I had accepted the event details. The event
showed up on the calender as a greyed out box with a little Moon and
stars icon, and a time frame of (1hr) without any other text.

I tried editing the event to say what the event was about and the
event just dissappeard. I checked to make sure if the catagories
display box had changed to a filtered view but it was still set on

I then proceded to try and get it to work but still no good luck with
the program. I even tried reinstalling the whole program and still
nothing. I went even further than and erased every single source of
palm on my desktop, until even the registry was cleared of palm and
hot sync, but the problem still persists.

Does anyone have any other advice that I could try or even a possible
solution to my problem?