> Hi, just been looking for a "killer apps" thread in
> the archives, but I don't think it's been done
> for a while. So what can people currently
> not live without?

Besides Contacts, Calendar, and Memos (why did they change the name from
Notepad??), I swear by...

CoPilot (free)
(weight and balance, and other stuff for flying)
Docs To Go (free with my Palm)
(word and Excel, and finally let me transfer text from the palm
to/from any other computer via SD cards, albeit the long way)

RealOne (free with my Palm)
(I don't really like it, but I have my landline voicemail forwarded
to Email as an attachment when I travel, and this lets me take the
message with me, via SD cards)

I miss:

Diddle (worked with Palm VIIx, not with the Tungsten E)

I find the following utterly useless:

Expense (came with)

any internet connection software (Tungsten E doesn't do WiFi and won't
accept a WiFi card and Palm won't say why or fix it - I just have to
throw it away and buy a new PDA if I want that)

The following is promising but not flexible enough:
MobileDB (came with)
I'd like to set up a database where for any field I can select =any
number= of menu items. MobileDB only lets you pick one. (I'd use it
for a wine notebook)