Today my trusted Palm Zire (the original m150 model) has died, after
four years of daily service. Yesterday, it worked perfectly. When I
went to bed, I put it in the night table, and when I took it in the
morning, it wouldn't power on. It didn't fell off or received any hit.

I have cracked it open and measured the battery, and it reads a
correct value (3.7 V). The buttons can't be bad, because four of the
five buttons it has wake it up when pressed - and I doubt all five of
them broke at the same time. A visual inspection of the circuit board
doesn't show any apparent damage, nor any cracked soldier point. I've
tried to re-weld some of the transistors arround the batterie's wires,
and all the legs of the 68EZ328 IC, but no luck. So far, nothing has

Even if I'll end up buying a Z22 (I love the Zire form factor!), I'd
like to repair the Zire. Do any of you have any idea of what can be
wrong, or where to look? Where can I get technical or troubleshooting
information about the Zire? Thank you very much!