My provider is Cingular.

I can connect, but the connection drops after about 10 minutes and
sometimes sooner.

My Palm is Treo 750. Have worked with tech support for weeks to no
avail, and I am at wit's end. These are the things that I have done.

* Tested my laptop with the LapTopConnect card from AT&T. Works
flawlessly. My understanding is that the technology involving the
laptop card is the same as that of tethering.

* Replaced the Treo as well as the SIM card, but the behavior is the

* I tried using PDA.NET. The result is the same. The PDA.NET FAQ page
is onto something.

It has an entry for "Connection established successfully but drops
after 1 or 2 minutes for no reason". The symptom described does seem
like my troubles, but the possibilities suggested are too vague and
broad. It suggests that applications either on my phone (I have not
installed anything) or my laptop could cause this. I uninstalled VPN
on my laptop, but the result is the same. There may be another piece
of software that is responsible for this, but it is akin to looking
for a needle in a haystack. Thanks for your help in advance.