I have a Tungsten C with a "Palm Portable Keyboard" labeled as being
made by Palm, Inc, but it has a "GoType!" driver for it. It worked
fine for a number of years, but stopped working a while ago for
reasons that I never understood. I'd like to try and resurrect it,
but so far am unsuccessful.

I've tried the following without success
- Attempting to reinstall the driver GoType Dirver 1.6.1 - no luck
- Resetting the palm - no luck
- Reinstalling the OS update TCUpdate3 - no luck
- Deleting the GoType driver so I could reinstall it. That produces
the following message when I try to turn the "GotType! Pro Driver"
status to Off I get the following message:
"Cannot Uninstall - The GoType system extension could not be
uninstalled due to a conflict with another system patch. Please rest
your Pilot to disable GoType."

I'm sure some of this is garbeled, but it's what I remember after
multiple attempts over a series of trys.
On a PC I'd be willing to totally reinstall the OS, but that doesn't
seem to be possible on the Palm, or am I missing something?

I'd appreciate suggestions.