i have read palm cdk documents about conduit development,and
synchronize data between handheld application such as memo pad and
palm desktop application, which using its default conduit,here i use
palm emulator as a real handheld,
when i developed my own conduit,chosen "any other application" in the
handheld application selection,and i don't confirm if once my own
conduit's creator id matches my own handheld application's creator id,
the conduit will identify the application?
this is the question between conduit and handheld application,
there is another between conduit and palm desktop application,
i still don't know how to build a connection between them ,in other
words, how my conduit can recognize my specific desktop
application,and i look through the cdk document,without result,
so call help again,is there anyone who has such development
or has detailed documents about this?