I've got one little, tiny problem It's not a big deal, but it's
annoying. In upper left corner there should be name of the operator (in
Poland - Era, Plus or Orange). Unfortunately I see there text 'Invalid
Character Set'. When I go to Options/Select Network there are:
- Invalid Character Set
- Orange PL

After choosing Plus or Orange I can't of course use the phone (my
simcard is from Era, and I get - 'No service - SOS only'), but with
Plus/Orange selected, I can see (again - Options/Select Network):
- Era
- Orange PL
After choosing 'Era', in upper left corner of Phone application I see
'Invalid Character Set' again (in dialogbox for Selecting Network
the same - Invalid... instead of Era).

I think it's not due to any external program, because tha same
situation is after hard reset.

Oh - one more information - after turning phone off and on again, I can
sometimes see 'Era' in UL corner for a few seconds, but after that -
Invalid Character Set :/

Any ideas what can be wrong?

I tried to search the google/groups.google, but didn't find any