I'm trying to automate a lot of my synchronizing functionality; I've
got things like Sunrise Desktop downloading sites at 6AM, and would
like to automatically kick off a sync around 6:30AM (before I get up),
so that it's all done when I'm ready to head to work.

I've seen some "Profiles" type of software out there that look like
they *might* do the job (though there seems to be a lot of issues
with the "Profiles" software per se).

Are there favorite packages for this? If I could add in "turn off
the alarm until 8AM" type of functionality as well, that'd be a big
plus -- but right now I'm just looking to automate hotsyncs ..

Any good programs for this out there? (I'm not finding a lot on
google - but Im getting a lot of false hits, too)

- Tom